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About Aleutian Spray Fisheries, Inc.

About Aleutian Spray Fisheries

Aleutian Spray Fisheries was established in 1969 by Naval Architect, Henry Swasand, with the acquisition of the crab vessel Aleutian Spray.

As the firm grew during the 1970's, due to the rapid growth in the Bering Sea King crab fishery, other members of the Swasand family joined their father. Today, a third generation of Swasands is active in the management of Aleutian Spray Fisheries.

During the crab industry's peak, the Aleutian Spray Fisheries fleet grew to include the fishing vessels Starfish, Nordic Star, Starward and Starlite. Each vessel was built in Pacific Northwest shipyards to the Swasand family's exacting specifications.

Today the firm's fleet also includes three Longliner vessels as well as partnerships with two research vessels.

The firm was among the pioneers of the Americanization of vast stocks of Bering Sea groundfish that had formerly been harvested, processed and marketed by foreign fleets.

Along with the quality and capability of its vessels, versatility has long been a trademark of Aleutian Spray Fisheries.

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